Magic at the threshold

Humans are the ritual-making species. We make meaning with symbols. We synchronize through rhythm. We find ourselves in connecting with others.

Oriakos will help your organization create strong threshold experiences that empower your humans to change the world.

Rituals for beginning

A birth. A seed planted. A first. A new impulse that may grow to create transformation. When you start something new, the moment of beginning sets the tone for it’s continuation.

Rituals for joining together

Any combining creates something new. In organizations, this might mean an internal re-organization of teams or projects, or the combination of two organizations in a merger or partnership. These processes require the integration of two cultures.

Rituals for ending

Things end. To celebrate, to release, to integrate what is learned, and to make space for the new, rituals of ending allow the end of a cycle to be felt and known together — whether those feelings are of joy and accomplishment, or grief, the power of a powerful ending gives form to the completeness of what is done, and space for what is next.

Rituals for marking time

In the natural world, time moves in circles and spirals, each season and day and year marking



Artistry – excellence – joy


Epistemic quality – honesty – no bullshit


Good for the client – good for us – good for the world