Ritual is a power tool for culture building. It has been used since the beginning of human societies to create strong group coherence, mark significant events, connect to larger stories that give our actions meaning, and empower courage even in the face of uncertainty.

Organizations often face cultural challenges that previous societies would have had rituals to work through — when two organizations or parts of an organization are coming together in a merger or partnership; when an organization dies or wraps up and those who have participated in it need a space to feel and make sense of the change; when major projects begin and end; and when organizations want to mark the turn of a season, or a cycle of business.

Though skilled organizational leaders know how to create events for these occasions, research on ritual and collective human state experiences in neuroscience, psychology, and anthropology points to the possibility for deeper application of ritual principles in organizational culture building.

Oriakos provides training, consulting, and facilitation that combines high-quality modern process design with simple ritual elements that can boost process effectiveness.

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